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Well I finished my first 6′ cyanotype panorama for the installation, Sisy and I are working on titled “Remembrance”. I have two more to do now. I also need to finish mounting the image. I intend to mounted it like a Chinese hand-scroll and I am using the following book as my source.


Gulik, R. H. V. (1958). Chinese Pictorial Art as Viewed by the Connoisseur; Notes on the Means and Methods of Traditional Chinese Connoisseurship of Pictorial Art, Based Upon a Study of the Art of Mounting Scrolls in China and Japan. With 160 Plates, and 42 Actual Samples of Chinese and Japanese Paper, in Pocket (p. 537). Roma: Istituto italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente.

Here are some pictures of the print in process and a final digital capture of the image.

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I am working on a new project in collaboration with my partner Sisy. The working title it “Remembrance”. I am printing cyanotypes and she is painting over them with watercolors. Now for my part their have been a number of technical hurdles to overcome. First I want to do some split toning with the cyanotypes. So I have been experimenting with a variety of chemical toners. Mostly household products such at Tri-sodium Phosphate, borax, and tea. No real successes or breakthroughs their yet. Although, the tea looks promising. I have also been using a 2% citric acid solution as a developer which has been great! It has really allowed me to get 3-4 steps in the midtones. It softens the image quite a bit. Though the blue does not wash away nearly as much so the prints tend to be darker. This has allowed me to print with a higher contrast negative. Before using the citric acid I was applying a Photoshop correction curve in addition to a custom Quadtone RIP curve. The adjustment curve softened the contrast. One down side to the citric acid is that the solution becomes saturated with prussian blue VERY quickly and depending on the paper has a tendency to stain. Regardless I am having difficulty getting the highlights to clear. Well I have discovered that the bleaching effect of sodium carbonate helps with this issue.

The second hurdle is with the size of my negatives. Our final images are intended to be printed on moon palace rice paper, which is used for chinese brush painting, at a size of 17″ by 72″. From what I have read the epson print drivers on the Mac OS have a max length of 44″. Fortunately I am using Quadtone RIP for printing the digital negatives and it has a max limit of 128″. So I created a custom paper size of 17.2″ x 72″ (17.2″ because I want to print borderless and the epson manual suggests this for custom sizes). I scaled the image to 17.3″ (again based on info in the epson manual regarding borderless printing). Then I printed the image. the first two only printed halfway across the Pictorico OHP film and I can not identify what part of the image it was printing as it did not match any of the edges in the image. What was I to do? I tried printing using one of the provided paper sizes. I chose 17″ x 22″ centered in the Quad driver. This started printing all the way across the media. So I knew it was possible. Now what? I began searching only and final find this post in the Quadtone RIP forum on Yahoo!.

“re paper sizes: see the pdf that comes with the rip re the borders – basically
document size must be smaller than your page setup size by the amount of those
– selectable in PAGE setup> manage custom sizes> printer margins – the quad
will be selectable and will tell you the border sizes

any time your doc size approaches page setup size it does that “print half A4″
just give it some space

You can’t print edge to edge..

Also re resolution: you just have to print on the highest one
it is slow” 

Based on this I decided that the borderless option was mote and that I would add margins to of .13″, .13″, .13″, .56″ and scale my image to be 16.76″ x 72″. That did the trick. I have now cleared the 17″ x 72″ pano hurdle.

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